Friday, October 23, 2015

Infinity: Battlescape Kickstarter

Something that might well be of interest to fellow members of the procedural content  generation community is the recently launched KickStarter for Infinity: Battlescape

What started as the ambitious and massively impressive Infinity project many years ago has grown and evolved over time to now underpin the I-Novae technology and it's great to see it hopefully taking a massive step closer to seeing the light of day as a fully functioning commercial production when so many such other such projects wither and fizzle out.

I am happy to back their efforts and hope by posting here that I may in some tiny way spread the word.

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  1. 33% funded but a long way to go. F. Brebion's work was the inspiration for me to learn OpenGL nearly 10 years ago, and introduced me to the fascinating art of procedural planet generation (and your website!). Both of you (and others like Miguel Cepero and the Outerra team) have been a constant source of inspiration and education. Thank you for your blog, and for sharing your support, John!


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