Saturday, February 16, 2013

UNiGiNE Valley Benchmark

Although it's been a quiet few months as I've not been able to devote much time to my voxel worlds, I thought I'd share a link I found interesting.

The guys over at UNiGiNE have created a new benchmark/demo "Valley" showing a very nice real-time terrain:

They've been a little heavy handed with the depth of field for my liking; something I've noticed on many demos trying to show off this feature but that's just my personal taste.  It doesn't really detract from what is still a very impressive demo.

I would like to know where the heightfield data was sourced from - whether it was a DEM set or created procedurally in an offline tool for example - I doubt it's created real-time as that's not really the point here.  They do a good job of making it look nice though.

Here's their website link: UNiGiNE Valley Benchmark